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great lakes christmas ale

Style – Winter Warmer

ABV – 7.5%

Appearance – Copper color with a minimal head, some slow rising carbonation is also present.

Aroma – Bready malt, honey, spices, and a bit of hops

Taste – When this craft beer first hits your tongue, you are hit with the bready malt present in the nose, along with a bunch of spice, nutmeg, clove, all spice, ginger, many of the same spices present in a pumpkin flavored ale. After this, you are hit with sweetness, and you are almost hit over the head with it. This beer finishes incredibly sweet, far too sweet for my taste.`

Overall – With the Holidays fast approaching and winter seasonal craft beers all over the place, we hoped this offering from Great Lakes would deliver. Sadly, I could barely stomach this beer, the sweetness was over powering, I would liken it to licking a sugar daddy only with nutmeg, cinnamon, clover and all spice attached.  Snooch tried this beer a couple of days before and said, “Two gulps of this beer and down the drain,” when I texted him my thoughts. Thanks for the heads up, could have sampled a different offering.

Although we had a bad experience with the Christmas Ale from Great Lakes, both of us enjoy their Edmund Fitzgerald Porter, available year round.

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