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Style – A “Charitable” Pilsner

ABV – 7.0%

Appearance – A bright gold with a head as pure as the first winter snow. A slight lace decorated the glass on the way down.

Aroma – Dominated by honey, with citrus and a healthy dose of hops.

Taste – The first sip is reminiscent of your standard American pilsner. That idea does not last long. A honey-like sweetness is dominant up front with a citrusy tang showing up as well. Hops are prevalent on the tail end, both floral flavors and bitterness. It is very well-balanced and I found myself drinking it much faster than intended.

Overall – With 75 cents of every bottle going to help the Louisiana fisheries recover from the British Petroleum mess, it’s both delicious and good for the soul. You’ll find little that is surprising or unique with this brew, but you’ll find less to complain about. Clean, balanced, delicious and good for NOLA’s seafood restaurants. What’s not to love?

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