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Spent the evening with a very close friend Saturday night, and we decided to make a quick stop at Consumers Beverages in Amherst, NY for a few craft beer offerings to enjoy while watching some hockey.

The first craft beer offering of the night is the Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti. The Oak Aged Yeti, is a Great Divide Yeti, aged with French and toasted oak chips, gives an already exception beer a different twist.


 Style – Russian Imperial Stout

ABV – 9.5%

Appearance – Motor oil black, with a nice sized cocoa head. This beer is completely opaque. Beer leaves an extraordinary amount of lacing through out.

Aroma – Roasted coffee bean, some chocolate notes, fruit, malt and a bit of alcohol is also present. This beer being as potent as it is, having a little alcohol in the snout was not unexpected.

Taste – It is always great when a beer tastes directly mirror what is present in the nose. Malt, a little bit of hop and the roasted coffee and chocolate flavor is very pronounced. Like eating a chocolate covered espresso bean infused with a shot of alcohol. The vanilla from the oak aging process is very pronounced in the finish, although I could use a little bit more oak.

Overall – You can never go wrong with a Great Divide Yeti, the Oak Aged Yeti just takes it up a notch. An extremely complex beer, the bold chocolate espresso flavors, the vanilla, the hops, some fruity notes, all work together to create an exceptional Russian Imperial Stout. This beer is certainly a sipper, as it is a bit heavy, but at the same time is very smooth.

I would put this beer about on par with the Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout, and it would be very difficult to pick a clear cut winner. If I had to though, I would say the Old Rasputin is a hair better as it sports a touch more bitterness. For a person just looking to dive into the world of Imperial Stouts, I would give the edge to the Oak Aged Yeti.

Snooch has an Oak Aged Yeti 2010 offering on the shelf to continue the aging process, we will be sure to revisit this craft beer when that one is opened, and I am eager to see if the oak and vanilla flavor are more pronounced.

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