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Imperial Stouts are one of my favorite styles of beer. They are one of the reasons I long for the cooler temps of fall and winter in Western New York. The Imperial Stouts warm your heart, making you feel warm and fuzzy. My 3 favorite Imperial are Stone’s Russian Imperial Stout, Great Divide’s Yeti, and Victory’s Storm King. I still have a couple bottles of Stones’ aging in my wine cellar. But for today, I’ve chosen the Storm King to review on this splendid Saturday afternoon.

Craft Beer Review of the Victory Storm King Imperial Stout

Style – Imperial Stout

ABV – 9.1%

Appearance – Dark, very dark, menacingly dark. When I look at this beer and then glance at the Storm King on the bottle, I know I’m in for a battle. The head is a small, cappuccino-colored film that rests on top of the abyss underneath. As you drink, the lacing sticks to the side of the glass.

Smell – Caramel, chocolate, coffee, smoke, and roasted malt

Taste – My first gulp reminds me of a chocolate milkshake, and I mean this in the best possible way. A luscious, deep, chewy body. The bitter aftertaste makes your taste buds tingle, and lingers in the back of your throat, provoking you to keep drinking. I taste the caramel mingled with the alcohol, and I get a smoky residue on my tongue. I drink Starbuck’s coffee black, and I get hints of coffee in the taste. After finishing a pint my body is warm, and I’m feeling nice, really nice.

Overall – I’ve weathered the “Storm” feeling wonderful. I cannot imagine putting down a 6-pack in a night, but 2 or 3 would put anyone in a special place. The Storm King is a serious, delicious beer that justly represents the Imperial Stout style. Although not my favorite Imperial Stout, I would never turn down a glass. Victory continually impresses me with their offerings. The Golden Monkey, Prima Pils, Storm King, and Yakima Glory are my favorite offerings from the Downingtown, PA brewery. 4 stars for the Storm!!


Poured this Tripel into a beer goblet last night, a left over from a party I hosted a number of weeks ago.  Tripels usually pack a punch in the alcohol department and this one is no different, weighing in at a whopping 9.5% ABV. Victory Brewing Company is located in Downingtown, PA where they brew year round beers such as the Golden Monkey, and another popular beer offering, the Hop Devil which I have had and enjoyed.  Available at your Buffalo NY area Consumer Beverages.

victory golden monkey beer review average drinker

Style – Tripel

ABV – 9.5%

Appearance – The Golden Monkey pours a golden yellow with a rather large head, which disappears rather quickly.

Smell – You can certainly pick up the aroma of yeast in this bear, with some citrus and alcohol, which is not surprising given the high alcohol content in this beer.

Taste – Cloves with a malty sweetness from the fruit in the background.  You can certainly pick up some alcohol, yet the beer is very drinkable and smooth.

Overall – Very drinkable Tripel style beer, the alcohol is not over powering at all but you have to watch because this beer really packs a punch.  Would certainly drink again.

For more information on the Golden Monkey, or Victory Brewing Company, head to their website

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