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Style– American IPA

ABV – 6.8%

Appearance – This beer pours an amber color, with a medium white head, which disappears rather quickly leaving a small amount of lacey white foam behind.

Aroma – Sticking your nose deep into this glass of craft beer you pick up a lot of hops, a little bit of pine and some orange citrus scent.

Taste – The hops are the absolute star and shine right from the get go of this craft beer. While the hops continue to linger, you are hit with a bit of caramel sweetness and the orange citrus present in the nose, both of which help to balance out the bitter hops. You can pick up a hint of alcohol on the back, but not too much.

Overall – An extremely smooth and satisfying seasonal craft beer offering from Sierra Nevada. Their year round Pale Ale is also very solid, but the intense hopiness in the Celebration IPA speaks more to my palette as a hop head. While the hops are pronounced through out, the sweet malts and citrus real give this craft beer balance. I look forward to seeing the bright red packaging in my local craft beer store each winter, and each year this beer continues to shine.


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Microbrew Review of the Day

Just had an amazing drunken pot roast, with roasted carrots and potatoes and a medley of caramelized white and purple onions, topped with a red-wine portobella mushroom brown sauce. My cousin Micah created this culinary masterpiece for about 10 of us before tonight’s game between the Cowboys and Redskins. For dessert, there was a chocolate cream pie from Dicamillos, a popular local bakery in Western New York. The party was a little parched, so I ran out to the local supermarket and picked up a 12-pack of Sierra Nevada’s Autumn Brown Ale, the Tumbler. Let the craft beer review commence….

 Sierra Nevada Tumbler Craft Beer

Style: Autumn Brown Ale

ABV: 5.5%

Smell: Caramel, malts, citrusy hops

Taste:  Deliciousness from the first sip. I taste some coffee, caramel, and bitterness from the hops. The body is smooth, not too heavy, and not too light. Perfect for this time of year. A little smokey, most likely due to the roasted malts, and a little vanilla sweetness. You can sense the hops in the aftertaste but the malt character balances out their bitterness.

Overall: I’m reviewing the Tumbler with my 2 cousins Micah and Josh. Micah puts it perfect as he senses Autumn with every savory gulp. This beer just screams leaves turning and falling from the trees, perfect for a fall night in Western New York. But we’re having trouble deciding whether this craft beer warrants 3 or 4 stars. Josh says 3, Micah 3.5, and I tend to side with Micah. We’re trying to determine whether we’re rating this beer based on fall seasonal offerings, brown ales, or just overall as a beer in general. The Tumbler is better than a 3 for sure, but I don’t think it warrants a 4. I say this because the taste tends to wane a bit with each successive beer. Verdict – 3.5 stars

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