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Tis the season of fall themed craft beers!  I know, it’s 87 and humid here in Buffalo, NY, far from fall weather, but football is in the air, and at least this review is taking place in the month of September. Fall seasonal craft beers in September is still a little early for my taste but these craft beers tend to sell out rather quickly as referenced earlier in this blog.

My obsession with finding the most flavorful fall craft beer seems to be never ending, with the Southern Tier Pumking as the current front runner.  My love for the King will never keep me from sampling other offerings from craft beer breweries across the globe.

Walking through my local Consumers Beverage, I noticed a beer I must have overlooked last year, or simply didn’t buy early enough to enjoy, the Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin.

Average Drinker - Craft Beer Review - SHipyard Smashed Pumpkin


Style – Pumpkin Ale

ABV – 9.0%

Appearance –   This craft beer pours an amber color, with a slight white lacey head.  Some carbonation bubbles are present, almost reminiscent of champagne.  If they could make a pumpkin flavored champagne, heck I would be in.

Smell – Loads of spice, nutmeg, cinnamon, all spice, I find the pumpkin to be masked by the spiciness although still present.

Taste –   The spice is front and center here, you pick up all of the cinnamon, nutmeg, and all spice with a bit of pumpkin.  Being a high ABV craft beer, the alcohol is well hidden by the spiciness and sweet malts.

Overall – As pumpkin flavored beers go, this one is ranked highly, probably just behind the Southern Tier Pumking.  The Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin packs a spice filled pumpkin favor, like eating a slice of grandma’s pumpkin pie over Thanksgiving dinner.

I wish the pumpkin flavor was more prominent in this craft beer, but it is much more prevalent than other pumpkin flavored craft beers such as the Dog Fish Head Punkin.


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