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dogfish head palo santo

Style – American Brown Ale

ABV – 12%

Appearance – This Dogfish Head offering pours an opaque black with a small cocoa tinted head. Looking at this beer in a glass, if I did not know it was an American Brown Ale, I would certainly say it is a stout. Perhaps the darkest brown ale I have ever poured.

Smell – A hint of chocolate works with dark malts to produce a very rich slightly, sweet roasty aroma. I also catch a hint of vanilla as a result of aging the craft beer in the Palo Santo wood barrels, although it is rather subtle.

Taste – Upon first sip, your mouth is hit with chewy malt, along with roasted chocolate, a bit of molasses and coffee bitterness that is offset by a fruity currant jam flavor. A smokey wood flavor with hints of vanilla and caramel are present in the finish and continue to linger after swallowing.

Overall – This is a big beer, weighing in at 12% it is certainly a sipper. The flavors present in this beer are extremely interesting to say the least. Chewy roasted malts, hints of chocolate, currant, coffee, vanilla and caramel, all contribute to create a very well balanced flavor.

I am curious if laying a bottle of this craft beer down for a bit would enhance the vanilla and caramel profile Dogfish Head was after from the aging process in Palo Santo wood barrels. Could be an interesting experiment to revisit this beer a year from now and stick a bottle of this in the wine cellar.


We once again explore an offering from one of the best craft breweries in the United States, Dogfish Head Brewing Company. Their founder, Sam Calagione (left) is always looking for creative and bold ways to give avid craft beer drinkers an experience no other microbrewery can.  Some of these creative beers result from their collaboration endeavors, which are the result of Dogfish Head Brewery and other breweries, organizations or just people, coming together to give the fine craft beer nation something different.

I am always drawn to their collaboration beers, like the My Antonia, which is featured this evening. They always bring something different to the table, flavor, smell, aroma, the whole package is rarely seen in other craft beers.  My Antonia originated in 2008 as a collaboration beer between Dogfish Head in Delaware and Birra del Borgo in Italy, and was again released in 2010, although limited. Without further ado…

Style – Imperial Pilsner

ABV – 7.5%

Appearance – This beer pours a golden copper color with a white frothy foam head which dissipates slowly leaving a white lace behind your grandmother would be jealous of.

Aroma – Sticking your nose deep into this glass of craft beer you pick up hops, citrus, mainly lemon

Taste – It is always nice when a beer follows up great aroma with a taste that not only is mirrored, but enhanced, and My Antonia does not disappoint. You are hit with the lemon and hops in the forefront, with malty sweetness, almost like a fine caramel and a little bit of bitterness on the backend. This beer has extremely complex flavors, is incredibly smooth, and has very little carbonation.

Overall – My Antonia is certainly not a titan like the Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, but an extremely smooth and flavorful imperial pilsner that will certainly not disappoint and is tremendously quaffable. My Antonia is a great offering from the collaboration repertoire of Dogfish Head Brewery.



The Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA is one of my top five beers of any season, it’s less potent sibling, the 60 minute IPA still packs a decent punch with bold hop flavor.  Had a gathering and a friend picked up a growler of the 60 minute IPA at a local gas station.  If it wasn’t already evident that the craft beer scene has exploded, the fact that a gas station has 12 craft beers on tap trying to get a piece of the market should drive that point home.  We served this in a traditional pint glass.

Style – American IPA

ABV – 6%

Appearance – Pours a gold color with a large white frothy head.  Medium carbonation and the head dissipated rather quickly.

Smell – Citrus and pine are at the forefront of this hoppy craft beer offering from Dogfish Head.

Taste – Citrusy hops, checking out the tasting notes at the Dogfish Head website and they mention grass.  Looking back, you can certainly pick up an earthy element to this craft beer.  Beer certainly has some chew to it, almost like eating a great piece of freshly baked bread.

Overall – A highly enjoyable and drinkable craft beer, excellent hop flavor.  This is such a well balanced beer that it can be enjoyed anytime of the season.

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