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If you live thousands of miles away from Russian River Brewing in California, like myself, and look at the rankings at Beer Advocate and see Pliny the Younger near the top of the list for what seems like forever, do you say to yourself, “How in the hell do I get my hands on that beer?”

Well according to this article in the Washington Post recently titled Beer’s Black Market, there are many people out there willing to pay a lot of money for rare craft beer.  Obviously there is a market for just about anything so the fact that people have discovered they can profit from the people like us who are intrigued by the scarcity and allure of such a fine nectar is not surprising at all, perhaps it is even long overdue.  Although I do not condone smuggling it from the tasting room.

So the question I pose this evening is, would you buy craft beer like Pliny the Younger on eBay from a total stranger for perhaps $1,000, just to say you were able to try it? I don’t know about you, but there’s no chance I pull the trigger.

I am happy to say a couple of us are making a trip to Russian River Brewing from Buffalo, NY in just a few weeks while on a wine trip.  At least we will have the opportunity to sample Pliny the Elder, a very nice constellation prize and a fine craft beer itself.

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While craft beer is my number one passion, enjoying a nice glass of Macallan 12 year aged single malt scotch, or perhaps a glass of Sonoma County Pinot Noir also instill a lasting impression on my palate.

An upcoming wine and food trip to wine country, Napa Valley and Sonoma County in California, will be sure to make an appearance on this craft beer blog in the near future, with excellent photos, winery reviews and food pairings.  The entire trip will not be about wine, there absolutely will be an appearance to Russian River Brewery to tackle their impeccable ales, including Pliny the Elder, not only one of the highest rated craft beers on Beer Advocate but also a Double IPA, one of my favorites.

I still drink my fair share of craft beer, without my passion for the succulent hoppy nectar produced by our craft brewers I would not have a site like this. Although sometimes it is good to partake in something different, so in lieu of a tasty craft beer, what is your favorite?

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mega millions

With my recent review of the Southern Tier Harvest Ale, I started thinking is a Fall Seasonal released in August too early?  I love the fall season, and I love pumpkin craft beer even more.  Nothing is better than cracking open a Southern Tier Pumpking or a Dogfish Head Punkin, sitting down in front of the television and watching some SEC college football on October Saturdays.  Problem is I can start picking these craft beers up in August, and they are very likely to be unavailable for purchase in October, when I would rather be enjoying them.

This timeline shift is not exclusive to the fall seasonals.  Summer craft beers start becoming available early in the Spring, Winter/Christmas seasonals are available in October, a solid two months before the holidays.  Consumers continue to purchase the beers as soon as they become available so what incentive do craft brewers have to re-adjust their time lines?

The only remedy for this issue is to stockpile seasonal beers and enjoy them as you like, surely a problem for most, as the vast majority of craft beer purchases are enjoyed within hours of purchase.

Could it be time to create a craft beer cellar, ala a wine cellar for the special seasonal occasions?

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