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Average Drinker Dog Fish Head TheobromaLiving in Buffalo, NY there is no shortage of snow and cold, and what better way to stay warm during the cruel winters than to pop a nice tasty Porter.  Craft beer has been a passion of mine for a few years now, whether it be a hoppy IPA, or a nice strong, dark Imperial Stout, I savor every sip. 

I decided to create Average Drinker to chronicle my journey through the world of craft beer and give insight from the viewpoint of the average guy who loves to drink good (sometimes bad) beer.  Buffalo is a hot bed for craft beer, housing pubs and breweries such as Blue Monk, Pearl Street Grill, and Flying Bison.  There may even be some wine reviews and trips along with beer recipes for cooking, another long time passion of mine.

This site will provide reviews of many different styles of beer along with where you can find them locally in Buffalo and surrounding suburbs.   With many different bars and beer merchants now offering craft beers on tap, it is becoming easier to sample many different ales in the form they should be experienced, in draught form.  Walking through a local Consumers Beverage or the Craft Beer section at Wegmans can be a little daunting, with the amount of craft beer from around the world both bottled and on tap, I hope I can make a beer run a little easier for you.  Perhaps reading a review on this site will pique your interest to try a beer you may have never though of buying before, or a comment from a reader leading me to do the same.

Sit back, relax, pour a nice Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA in your goblet and enjoy the site.  Feel free to comment on the reviews, or fill out the Contact Form.  Happy drinking, and I would love to hear your thoughts on craft beer.

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